Support your customers while you sleep with That Chatbot.

FAQing around  &
win back your time
That Chatbot.

"Have you tried turning off and on again?" ????

Stop paying a fortune for your support team to answer the same questions every day and automate the grunt work, freeing you and your team up to concentrate on the important things, or just having some extra free time.

How? That Chatbot's artificial intelligence is trained on all the data of your website, as well as company documents.
If you know the answer, so does That Chatbot, and it can guide your clients to the right answer, and to a sale, all without bothering your sales/support team, and at a fraction of the cost.



It's like having infinite sales staff, who work 24/7.

That Chatbot gets reasoned, accurate information to your visitors time after time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Every word is generatively written in your brand voice, and provides visitors with a friendly, accessible, enjoyable companion through the sales/support process.

Okay, so you have a magic chatbot, but...

What can That Chatbot do for me?

Pretty soon, everything. But in the meantime, a taste of the tip of the iceberg:

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  • Sell Products

    Find, recommend and even sell products

    Imagine if your visitors could simply describe what they wanted, or what their end result should be, and your bot could guide them to that exact product, and even guide them through checkout, all while you're sleeping.

  • Book appointments

    Book appointments, & Route enquiries to the correct department

    How about an agent that can check your staff's availability, ask exactly the right clarifying questions to make sure visitors book with the right person, and get the appointment booked.

  • Assist visitors

    Help your visitors, and answer general business queries

    Think about how much time your team spends answering simple queries like opening times, or product instructions over and over again. No more!

  • Assist you.

    Your company's very own supercomputer assistant

    No need for you and your team to remember every single part of your knowledgebase... Let That Chatbot remember for you. Great for onboarding new staff, or simply brainstorming what to do next.

Scale your business at the speed of light, overnight.

In just a few minutes, we'll help you scale your business beyond anything you've dared dream with a traditional sales team.

    Improved customer service

    Say hello to providing 24/7 customer support, answering questions and resolving issues quickly and efficiently. Free up your important human staff to focus on more complex tasks.

    Increased sales
    & profits

    Engage with potential customers, guiding them through the customer journey from query to sale without lifting a finger.

    Reduced costs

    That Chatbot costs pennies to run, and performs small miracles with customer engagement, support and sales.

    Peace of mind

    You can relax, knowing that questions aren't going unanswered, staff aren't slacking, and your brand is getting the representation it deserves 100% of the time.

    Happier staff

    Your sales and support team will no longer have to give the same answer for the 1000th time. They can spend their time on the stuff that really matters.

    Excellent analytics

    Don't rely on anocdotes from your staff, about what issues are the stickiest. Get reliable, actionable insights about bottlenecks in your business, direct from your dashboard.

Your own expert team of support agents.

We train the Ai on your company data and website, so if you know it, so does the chatbot. Say goodbye to answering the same question over and over again, and hello to time and money well spent.

  • Watch cutomer satisfaction skyrocket.

    No more waiting for an agent to be available. No more dealing with unhappy support staff. Just consistent, on-brand, knowledgeable dialogue, every single time.

  • No more staff bottleneck

    Finally, you can guarantee that visitors will have their questions answered immediately by a knowledgeable, friendly assistant who will guide and enthuse your visitors, all in your brand voice.

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    Main Features

    As a technology that is growing insanely fast, there are already hundreds of features included with your chatbot, but here are just a few:

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    Excellent pricing, that supports your business's growth.

    • Growth plan


      Perfect for startups and small businesses

      • 5000 messages per month

      • Crawl your websites

      • Infinite memory in chatbots

      • Customize your chat widget

    Frequently asked questions

    Here's some frequently asked quesitons about That Chatbot. If you don't see what you're looking for, you can either book a demo, or ask That Chatbot below ????

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